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For the second time Todays Art Festival in the Hague has programmed the Structret performance. A project from the Art Science department of the KABK art academy in the city. I was invited to join in again because I was involved in the first performances in 2006.
Last time I took my analogue Doepfer suitcase synth. I however came up with another setup.
This time it’s digital synthesis vs. feedback loops.
The set up consists of a Clavia Micromodular synth played with a midifader box. Processed by a TC Electronic Nova Delay pedal. The feedback loop back into the Clavia synth goes via an Electro Harmonix Bass Big Muff. The Clavia patch consists of four individually controllable fm synthesis networks involving some ring modulation too. Pretty complex stuff (there are 12 sine oscillators & 4 ring modulators involved in total!). So I added some global paramaters to make nice ‘sound mass’ changes possible.
This soundfile is the first test with the final setup. I did a tiny bit of trimming at the end and I compressed it a bit.
Not my best playing I guess, but what the hell….. enjoy.

Structret SetUp Test1(cut) by Ernst van der Loo

Performances on the 24th and 25th of September check time and location here

Field Recording and such..

To my own surprise I am participating in a workshop field recording at Worm in Rotterdam. (thanks Derek!)
The aim is to finish the workshop with a short piece that will be presented next friday (dec. 18th) @ Worm. My composition is well on its way and on tuesday I will have some time at Worm’s excellent studio to tweak some more on the piece.
Time and place of the friday night presentation can be found here..

USA Tour with NiCad

I will be doing the FOH sound for The Hague based alternative rock band NiCad on their forthcoming US tour. It will be three weeks of road munching madness. Come and see:

29.aug.2009 Public Assembly Brooklyn, New York
30.aug.2009 Webster Hall New York, New York
31.aug.2009 The Annex New York, New York
02.sep.2009 Lit Lounge New York, New York
04.sep.2009 North Star Bar Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
05.sep.2009 TBA, Baltimore, Maryland
06.sep.2009 The Red and the Black Washington DC, Washington DC
07.sep.2009 College of William and Mary Williamsburg, Virginia
09.sep.2009 College of William and Mary Williamsburg, Virginia
10.sep.2009 TBA Cincinnati, Ohio
11.sep.2009 The Village of West Clay Indianapolis, Indiana
12.sep.2009 Paychecks Detroit, Michigan
13.sep.2009 TNT’s Detroit, Michigan
16.sep.2009 Arlene’s Grocery New York, New York

More info on the band can be found and heard here and here

UNGRUND Live @ Ground 3

On September the 7th Ungrund will play the Ground 3 festival. This festival is FREE. The location where we will be performing is not entirely clear to us yet… since the city of The Hague does not have a Leeghwaterstraat. Stay tuned for updates here.

Update: Leeghwaterstraat is not on Google maps.. The street is almost devoured into where the Megastores are now. But the end bit, close to the Gamma store, is still called Leeghwaterstraat. Another mystery solved!

Back in .nl

Back in the Netherlands again. I have been working at NoTam with Aslaug Holgersen for way more time than we thought was possible. I am very grateful for NoTam’s hospitality and their general supercoolness, tusen takk! I managed to spend a lot of time programming a very very big patch in Max/MSP. And got quite some form-part sketches ready for the new piece. The final touches will be done this month. And I hope we can perform it somewhere in the near future.

Currently I am almost 16 hours a day working on even more Max/MSP patches. I am building a polyphonic wavetable/waveshaping synth which is going to sound amazing, believe me! Next to that I dabbled a bit with generative music. And I have some sketches for a new tape-piece lying around.

Next to that my electro-acoustic noise unit with Léon Spek, Ungrund, is going to perform on the 7th of September in our hometown The Hague at the Ground 3 festival. No further details yet…

Next to all this there is some theatre sound jobs as always.

btw: Another huge thanks goes out to Kane McGuire at the Cycling 74 offices for swiftly solving the weird registration problems I had with Max5.

Willem van Ekeren/Bach Bukowski

I recently recorded a 3 song (mini)cd for singer/piano-player Willem van Ekeren. Willem combines Bach’s Wohltemperiertes Klavier with the poetry of American writer Charles Bukowski

Tonight is the pre-presentation of this disc at 21.00 hrs in sociëteit de Burcht, Burgsteeg 14 in Leiden. Which we also used to record the cd.

For those that don’t know Willem’s work here’s a recording that Dutch broadcaster VPRO did of him several years ago.

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