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Prix Annelie de Man

On the 8th and the 9th of november 2012 the first edition of the Prix Annelie de Man will be held. Organised by the Annelie de Man Foundation this concours is a means to promote modern repetoire for the harpsichord.  I will be doing the sound on both days and also the audio technical coordination will be in my hands. This year the prix will be supported by the November Music Festival which is held in Den Bosch, the Netherlands.  More info can be found HERE.


Fruitpower @ Parade

Last week I participated in two nights of Fruitpower performances at De Parade theaterfestival in Rotterdam. Event was organized by the excellent Todaysart people! More info about the fruitpower project can be found here

Electronic Hammer Tour

I will be doing a small Dutch Tour with my friends from The Electronic Hammer this month.
The Hammers and I go back for quite a while and it is nice and exciting to work with them in this setting.

The dates:
Nov. 7 De Pont Museum @ 14:30- Tilburg
Nov. 11 November Music @ 19:00 – Den Bosch
Nov. 12 Kikker Theatre @ 21:00 – Utrecht
Nov. 20 Zeebelt Theatre @ 20:00 – The Hague

Plus on Nov. 21st they will perform an improv set in Venlo’s museum Van Bommel Van Dam @ 15:00. (Which I won’t be a part of unfortunately)

Check for more info on the Hammers HERE

Back in .nl

Back in the Netherlands again. I have been working at NoTam with Aslaug Holgersen for way more time than we thought was possible. I am very grateful for NoTam’s hospitality and their general supercoolness, tusen takk! I managed to spend a lot of time programming a very very big patch in Max/MSP. And got quite some form-part sketches ready for the new piece. The final touches will be done this month. And I hope we can perform it somewhere in the near future.

Currently I am almost 16 hours a day working on even more Max/MSP patches. I am building a polyphonic wavetable/waveshaping synth which is going to sound amazing, believe me! Next to that I dabbled a bit with generative music. And I have some sketches for a new tape-piece lying around.

Next to that my electro-acoustic noise unit with Léon Spek, Ungrund, is going to perform on the 7th of September in our hometown The Hague at the Ground 3 festival. No further details yet…

Next to all this there is some theatre sound jobs as always.

btw: Another huge thanks goes out to Kane McGuire at the Cycling 74 offices for swiftly solving the weird registration problems I had with Max5.

New Blog

Just a tester. See how WordPress can serve me in keeping a newspage going.

In the coming days I will move over most content from the old site and delete the rest. Having a weblog engine as basis enables me to keep the site up to date. Especially since I’m not a big ‘html hero’.


 Update: Well it’s up and running. And the old site is gone..