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Archive for June, 2008

Working @ NOTAM, Oslo

The second half of July I will be having some worktime at Notam in Oslo Norway. I will be working on a new piece for Double Bass and Live Electronics (Max/MSP) with Aslaug Holgersen. There will be a fair amount of improvising involved also. 

I will be making quite some new Max patches until that time. I will also be testing some different interfaces to control these patches. 

Update: Check out Mammut at the Notam site. Highly recommended and very unconventional!

Carlos Iturralde, Aslaug Holgersen & Keir Neuringer

I have recorded about two hours of material for the free improvisation trio of these 3 excellent musicians. The premixes have been made, the selection process will start now. The final result will be released on Processed recordings, the small label I run with Léon Spek. We are all very excited about this as yet unamed project.

More info later…