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Ernst van der

Sound Designer, Engineer, Composer & Performer

Listen to Study #1 for Field Recordings

Here is the piece I did for the Worm Workshop.

Or here:

Study #1 for field recordings by Ernst van der Loo

About the piece:

“Study made for the field recording workshop at Worm in Rotterdam in December 2009.
The piece is constructed with 2 field recordings that I made in 2007 in Bærum, Norway. I used a cinematic approach (as in referring to camera techniques used in the cinema) focusing in and distorting the sound world of that specific spot in several different ways.
Part I is an (almost) untouched recording from the spot. Part II is an untouched recording of an extreme focus on one of the elements of that specific spot. The nice part is that the extreme focus on one part actually reveals a lot of other stuff happening at that spot.. Part III is an artificial reconstruction of the sound world of that specific place. Part IV is a reconstruction of the spot how it might be as remembered after years, or basically a second view on recreating it artificially. At the end there is a small Coda refering back to part II.”