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Nosferatu & more

The 27th of November I’ll partake in live-scoring the cinema classic Nosferatu movie from 1922.
This event is an evening in the forum nights by SkRR at NOTAM. The evening starts at 19.00!
Come and listen/see!
Click here for the Facebook event page

I also have some new music uploaded to soundcloud. A new piece made for SkRR’s remix bingo entirely made with sounds provided by Hilde Holsen.

Changing Behaviours

Doepfer A100 Patch: changing behaviours from Ernst on Vimeo.

Working on some new patches again. Decided to make a short video on one of the more intricate ones..
Hope my filming doesn’t make anyone seasick.

CGS Real Ring

Yesterday I finally took the time to put the end to my Ring Modulator project. I had all parts in the house from the beginning of February this year but never came to it. After a very friendly offer of getting the faceplate professionally punched (at no cost!). I just had to finish it now!

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Pulse Feedback

Pulse Feedback from Ernst on Vimeo.

Quick and raw footage of my oscilloscope getting input from a patch in my doepfer a100 system.

Patch is roughly: 
Pseudo-Random Pulses made with 2 LFO’s feeding into an A149-1 Source of Uncertainty. 
Output (via mixer- see later) of which is filtered by an A128 fixed filterbank which is amplified afterwards by an A119 pre amp. 
Output of that is fed back via an A138a mixer into the A128. 
Feedback point is crucial for the sound! Actually this feedback functions as the resonance factor of the A128. 

Other speciality of this patch is that I actually use the A149-1 as an audio source…

Update: Also posted on the ever so cool Matrixsynth!!