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Old old old

Hi welcome to my homepage.
It’s in dire need of a big update in the meantime check out my soundcloud or check the page of my collaborative project Flettverk.

Upcoming gigs in The Netherlands february 2015

On wednesday the 25th of february I’ll be presenting some of my recent work at studio Loos in The Hague in the Wonderwerp series. Check for details here

On the 27th of february Léon Spek and me will join forces again as Ungrund at café De Vinger, also in The Hague. Concert is in the by now legendary Kernel Panic series organised by Thijs Geritz.
Check for more details here

Nosferatu & more

The 27th of November I’ll partake in live-scoring the cinema classic Nosferatu movie from 1922.
This event is an evening in the forum nights by SkRR at NOTAM. The evening starts at 19.00!
Come and listen/see!
Click here for the Facebook event page

I also have some new music uploaded to soundcloud. A new piece made for SkRR’s remix bingo entirely made with sounds provided by Hilde Holsen.

Silent movie with new live score @ Notam

On thursday the 19th of june I will join the silent movie scoring evening of skrr at Notam. If you’re in the area please drop by! It’s a free event!

What’s up?

Well I am currently in the process of moving to Oslo, Norway. I am however, besides all the hectic things involved with moving to another country, busy on a new electronic piece. I hope to finish this up as soon as possible even though my studio is still mostly boxed up….
I in the meantime have also already done my first gig with my solo-side project Null Void Order at Café de Vinger in The Hague.
A great chance to test this new format that takes me into some new sonic territory.
I also upgraded my Souncloud account, you can expect some new music there soon!!

In the meantime:

Holgersen & van der Loo gig @Studio Loos, The Hague

Double bass and electronics duo Holgersen & van der Loo have done a gig at the Wonderwerp series at Studio Loos in The Hague on the 25th of April. There is a recording of this gig and we will put it on our soundcloud as soon as it is mixed!
Thanks to everyone involved and attending, it was a blast!

Concerts & more

It has been a while (again!). Totally forgot to mention that my duo with Aslaug Holgersen is fully up and running again. We have a 21 minute long track up on soundcloud (listen below!) and are performing it on a regular basis. In oktober we had a concert at the 2nd edition of Kate Moore’s Handmade Homegrown concert series at Theater Dakota in The Hague. There is a little interview up on their site also.
Coming up next is a concert at Muziekkamer Assen concert series on the 9th of December. I will also be handling the electronics for the other pieces on that concert. The as yet Untitled piece at Assen will be a shorter version of what you hear below. It is rather funny though that the piece has been credited to me alone, there is as much of Aslaug’s input to the piece. Untitled(oct2012) by Holgersen & Van der Loo


For the second time Todays Art Festival in the Hague has programmed the Structret performance. A project from the Art Science department of the KABK art academy in the city. I was invited to join in again because I was involved in the first performances in 2006.
Last time I took my analogue Doepfer suitcase synth. I however came up with another setup.
This time it’s digital synthesis vs. feedback loops.
The set up consists of a Clavia Micromodular synth played with a midifader box. Processed by a TC Electronic Nova Delay pedal. The feedback loop back into the Clavia synth goes via an Electro Harmonix Bass Big Muff. The Clavia patch consists of four individually controllable fm synthesis networks involving some ring modulation too. Pretty complex stuff (there are 12 sine oscillators & 4 ring modulators involved in total!). So I added some global paramaters to make nice ‘sound mass’ changes possible.
This soundfile is the first test with the final setup. I did a tiny bit of trimming at the end and I compressed it a bit.
Not my best playing I guess, but what the hell….. enjoy.

Structret SetUp Test1(cut) by Ernst van der Loo

Performances on the 24th and 25th of September check time and location here

UNGRUND Live @ Ground 3

On September the 7th Ungrund will play the Ground 3 festival. This festival is FREE. The location where we will be performing is not entirely clear to us yet… since the city of The Hague does not have a Leeghwaterstraat. Stay tuned for updates here.

Update: Leeghwaterstraat is not on Google maps.. The street is almost devoured into where the Megastores are now. But the end bit, close to the Gamma store, is still called Leeghwaterstraat. Another mystery solved!

Working @ NOTAM, Oslo

The second half of July I will be having some worktime at Notam in Oslo Norway. I will be working on a new piece for Double Bass and Live Electronics (Max/MSP) with Aslaug Holgersen. There will be a fair amount of improvising involved also. 

I will be making quite some new Max patches until that time. I will also be testing some different interfaces to control these patches. 

Update: Check out Mammut at the Notam site. Highly recommended and very unconventional!