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Upcoming gigs in The Netherlands february 2015

On wednesday the 25th of february I’ll be presenting some of my recent work at studio Loos in The Hague in the Wonderwerp series. Check for details here

On the 27th of february Léon Spek and me will join forces again as Ungrund at café De Vinger, also in The Hague. Concert is in the by now legendary Kernel Panic series organised by Thijs Geritz.
Check for more details here

What’s up?

Well I am currently in the process of moving to Oslo, Norway. I am however, besides all the hectic things involved with moving to another country, busy on a new electronic piece. I hope to finish this up as soon as possible even though my studio is still mostly boxed up….
I in the meantime have also already done my first gig with my solo-side project Null Void Order at Café de Vinger in The Hague.
A great chance to test this new format that takes me into some new sonic territory.
I also upgraded my Souncloud account, you can expect some new music there soon!!

In the meantime:

More music online!

It has been a while since I posted here. In the meantime the year has become 2010.
I decided to get a Soundcloud account for my music.
This means that all audio on this site now is hosted there. With the easy to embed players it is a breeze to use.
Check out my profile on soundcloud and you can see the player on the music page of this site.
For the rest I am busy with loads of stuff, on which more laterrrr.

BTW also check Ungrund’s new remix album on bandcamp!

Listen to Study #1 for Field Recordings

Here is the piece I did for the Worm Workshop.

Or here:

Study #1 for field recordings by Ernst van der Loo

About the piece:

“Study made for the field recording workshop at Worm in Rotterdam in December 2009.
The piece is constructed with 2 field recordings that I made in 2007 in Bærum, Norway. I used a cinematic approach (as in referring to camera techniques used in the cinema) focusing in and distorting the sound world of that specific spot in several different ways.
Part I is an (almost) untouched recording from the spot. Part II is an untouched recording of an extreme focus on one of the elements of that specific spot. The nice part is that the extreme focus on one part actually reveals a lot of other stuff happening at that spot.. Part III is an artificial reconstruction of the sound world of that specific place. Part IV is a reconstruction of the spot how it might be as remembered after years, or basically a second view on recreating it artificially. At the end there is a small Coda refering back to part II.”

Field Recording and such..

To my own surprise I am participating in a workshop field recording at Worm in Rotterdam. (thanks Derek!)
The aim is to finish the workshop with a short piece that will be presented next friday (dec. 18th) @ Worm. My composition is well on its way and on tuesday I will have some time at Worm’s excellent studio to tweak some more on the piece.
Time and place of the friday night presentation can be found here..

Changing Behaviours

Doepfer A100 Patch: changing behaviours from Ernst on Vimeo.

Working on some new patches again. Decided to make a short video on one of the more intricate ones..
Hope my filming doesn’t make anyone seasick.

Williamsburg Concert

My electronic piece “Lyset fra Nedenunder” will be played at an electronic music concert at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA. This concert also contains electronic pieces by members of the indie rock band NiCad with whom I will be touring the USA at that time (see last post).
The event takes place on the 7th of September at the Ewell Recital Hall at 20.00 (8 pm).

Back in .nl

Back in the Netherlands again. I have been working at NoTam with Aslaug Holgersen for way more time than we thought was possible. I am very grateful for NoTam’s hospitality and their general supercoolness, tusen takk! I managed to spend a lot of time programming a very very big patch in Max/MSP. And got quite some form-part sketches ready for the new piece. The final touches will be done this month. And I hope we can perform it somewhere in the near future.

Currently I am almost 16 hours a day working on even more Max/MSP patches. I am building a polyphonic wavetable/waveshaping synth which is going to sound amazing, believe me! Next to that I dabbled a bit with generative music. And I have some sketches for a new tape-piece lying around.

Next to that my electro-acoustic noise unit with Léon Spek, Ungrund, is going to perform on the 7th of September in our hometown The Hague at the Ground 3 festival. No further details yet…

Next to all this there is some theatre sound jobs as always.

btw: Another huge thanks goes out to Kane McGuire at the Cycling 74 offices for swiftly solving the weird registration problems I had with Max5.

Working @ NOTAM, Oslo

The second half of July I will be having some worktime at Notam in Oslo Norway. I will be working on a new piece for Double Bass and Live Electronics (Max/MSP) with Aslaug Holgersen. There will be a fair amount of improvising involved also. 

I will be making quite some new Max patches until that time. I will also be testing some different interfaces to control these patches. 

Update: Check out Mammut at the Notam site. Highly recommended and very unconventional!